Technical Specifications

  • 49' x 57' standard footprint, steps included
  • Passenger height requirements: 36" minimum to ride,
    42"+ may ride alone
  • Passenger capacity per cycle: 24 - 32 (3 - 4 passengers
    per carriage, 8 carriages)
  • Hourly capacity: 480 - 640
  • Maximum speed: 4 mph
  • Power 208V or 480V, 3-phase
  • Passenger loading/unloading: all seats simultaneously
  • Direction of travel: clockwise/counterclockwise

Key Features

  • ASTM F2291 compliant
  • Operator's presence switch at the control console for
    maximum safety
  • Drive system component location allows for easy monitoring
    and maintenance
  • Curve positioning allows carriages to swing close to each other, providing riders with the illusion of a pending collision
  • Variations in ride path curve pattern and size provide unpredictability and thrills
  • Nostalgic passenger carriage design with modern updates
    and passenger safety systems
  • Free-spinning carriages ensure a varied experience for every rider
  • Can operate as a dark-ride with additional theming

Ride Includes

  • Ride deck, support system, and chain trough
  • Drive motor, gearbox, and chain
  • Operator's booth/equipment
  • Deck perimeter fencing with gates
  • Entry and exit stairs with rails
  • 8 passenger carriages
  • Reach barriers for each carriage, to ensure passenger safety
  • Stainless steel lap bars
  • Battery-powered remote lap bar release system
  • Lap bar battery charging mechanism
  • Non-deck components painted per customer's preference
  • Operations and maintenance manuals
  • Canopy available for an additional cost
  • Lighting and audio packages available for an additional cost
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