About IP

Before GordonRides engineers a new concept or sells a new product, we file patents. This ensures that the technology is unique, and that GordonRides LLC is the sole provider of the particular ride or product.


Inverted Wood Coaster
Presenting the first major innovation in wooden coaster design since the early 1900’s: the Inverted Wooden Coaster! With seats suspended directly below the track, riders’ feet dangle as the coaster train careens through the track layout. This provides the classic, rickety feel of a wooden coaster, the feet-dangling freedom of an inverted coaster, and a claustrophobic tunneling feel as the track is surrounded by the dense wooden support structure.
It’s like a wood coaster turned inside out!
Coaster Maintenance Car
Invest in your ride’s future! The Coaster Maintenance Car is a self-powered cog-driven vehicle that can aid immensely in the maintenance of any roller coaster. A maintenance worker can strap him/herself into the car, and have a close-up view of the track. The car can stop at any point where sections of track need repair. An attached tool bin, ultrasound probe, and welding kit makes repairs fast and simple. We can design your coaster maintenance car to fit any coaster.
Never before has track maintenance been this easy!
Warring Coaster
The Warring Coaster concept takes an armed conflict from a film or a story and allows riders to live it. Through the use of multiple trains on multiple tracks, giant themed arenas, animatronics, interactive laser gun systems, and much, much more, the Battle of the Death Star* from Star Wars* roars to life, and a Quidditch* match from Harry Potter* becomes real! This is the ultimate in themed rides and roller coasters combined.
Live your favorite movie!

* Death Star, Star Wars, Quidditch, and Harry Potter are trademarks of their respective owners who do not endorse GordonRides LLC, nor are they in any way connected with GordonRides. Concepts presented in The Warring Coaster are the subject of several pending patent applications owned by Jonathan Gordon, the principal of GordonRides.