Meet Jonathan

Jonathan Gordon is the founder and CEO/Lead Designer of GordonRides LLC, and is the driving force behind all of the innovative rides that GordonRides sells. His experience in engineering, ride mechanics, and amusement park operations provides him with a unique perspective that allows him to cater directly to the wants and needs of customers, both in design phase and during manufacturing and installation. He is familiar with all aspects of the amusement industry and is an active member of IAAPA. He currently holds multiple patents in roller coaster and ride design.

"Imagination and Innovation"

The GordonRides motto was born from the principle that new ride designs and types attract riders. GordonRides designs use a variety of proprietary technologies, engineering innovation, and artistic vision to create an experience unlike any other.

Did You Know?

In addition to delivering a thrilling experience, all new rides are carefully designed with ease of maintenance in mind.